Collective bargaining agreements are the law between the parties, while arbitration normally functions as the proceeding agreed to by the parties for the interpretation of their contract. Our labor law team has vast experience in the handling of arbitration claims and the administration of collective bargaining agreements in myriad of industries. The effective administration of collective bargaining contracts is performed taking into consideration the past, present and future of the bargaining relationship between an incumbent union and our client. Our job is to validate the terms that our client bargained for in order to ensure the labor costs that were projected during the bargaining process, while acquiring valuable information during the tenure of the contract for future negotiations. Also, every grievance claim is handled and prepared for with the highest levels of care and importance. In the process of preparing for any arbitration hearing, whether it is a simple claim or a complicated multi-controversy grievance, we always give the extra-mile in every single case. We deeply take into account that any arbitration award has a significant effect on the business of our clients. Thus, all corners of a grievance and arbitration claim, including procedural arbitrability issues, substantive arbitrability issues and the merits of each case, are carefully analyzed in order to provide our clients with all the available legal alternatives to validate their positions.