The filing of a representation petition marks the beginning of an intense and speedy process where the company's management must inform its employees of the realities, dangers and risks that result from joining. In many instances, the company must simultaneously present its evidence, witnesses and arguments in a Hearing, which moves swiftly.

At Pizarro & González, we work side by side with you to empower your managers and supervisors to provide the employees with all the necessary elements to reject the union campaign.

Our campaigns are designed to fit your company, employees, industry and needs using the latest audiovisual technology from power point presentations to videos with relevant, contemporaneous, and regional news. We take advantage of every permitted communication form to inform your employees. We have prepared videos discussing subjects such as union dues, strikes, and employment security featuring local real life histories presenting newspaper articles, photos and news videos.

While designing and implementing the campaign, we also litigate the matters that need to be presented in the representation Hearing.