Our Firm has extensive experience defending employers before the National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB").  From the moment that a charge is filed and notified to our client, our attorneys take charge in designing a strategy and a practical plan of action to follow during the investigation of the allegations by the NLRB agent.

Many times, the implementation of an effective strategy will translate into the administrative dismissal of the unfair labor practice charge. However, at times the NLRB will opt to issue a formal complaint against the employer. At this juncture, the second phase of the action plan comes into play, which may require the evaluation of strategies to litigate the unfair labor practice charges and/or to achieve a practical settlement of the matter based on a wise and well-thought business decision. Our attorneys have a wide-ranged experience handling and litigating unfair labor practice cases before the NLRB, including allegations such as: interfering with, restraining and coercing employees; discrimination against employees for participating in protected activities; employer's refusals to bargain collectively; and unilateral changes by employers regarding the unionized employees' terms and conditions of employment, among others. The Firm also has ample experience in handling the investigation and litigation of injunctive relieves requested by the NLRB against employers before Federal courts, as well as managing unfair labor practices claims against labor organizations.