Few internal events disrupt the operational stability of a company as the creation of a union movement. Now more than ever, with the United States Congress apparently focused on revitalizing big labor, it is necessary for your managers and supervisors to be knowledgeable and acquire all the legal permissible tools to avoid a union from ever knocking at your door.

At Pizarro & González we pride ourselves in learning our clients' operations and proactively sharing our experiences with them. We have over three decades of experience counseling employers on the prevention, identification and handling of union organizing efforts in different industries and based on diverse reasons.

Our seminars cover the legal and practical aspects for keeping your company union free. We will give your management team the information necessary to understand the meaning of the collective bargaining process and the consequences that the interference of a union in your operation will have for the company and for them personally.

The participants of our seminars will learn the legal process for unions to obtain the required signed cards and petition for representation of the employees. Your supervisors and managers will gain valuable knowledge of what they can and must do under the law to identify and prevent the formation of a union movement. Our seminars also cover the areas of potential risks in this process for the employers and the conduct prohibited by the law.

As we do for any of our seminars, we will tailor the seminar to the specific needs and concerns in your corporation.